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The WIlliam K Vaughn Law Firm Debt ReliefAre you searching for debt relief?

Are you juggling credit card balances- not knowing which one to pay?

Repossession, Foreclosure, or I.R.S. Problems?

Being harassed by demands from delinquent Medical bills?

Hassled by telephone calls from creditors or credit card companies or collection agencies?


Stop the Harassing Calls


For those who answered yes to one of these concerns, contact us. In today's uncertain financial crisis, many upstanding citizens like you can experience problems paying bills for reasons which are out of your control. Unemployment, divorce, disease, bodily injury, can quickly eliminate your savings and generate a economic meltdown. Seeking protection in accordance with the federal bankruptcy laws may stop creditor harassment and give you relief by providing you a economic fresh start. Bankruptcy may enable you to erase some of your debt, like credit cards, repos, health care bills, and even taxes, while allowing you to keep your exempt assets like your home, car, and personal household items. Plus, your credit may be re-established to a favorable rating in just two years or less. We have taken care of hundreds of cases like yours and would like to help you start the procedure that may get rid of your debt problems and help rebuild your positive credit rating. Isn't it time for you to seize control of your economic prospective.


The Houston Bankruptcy Law Firm of William K. Vaughn works with individuals and families throughout Harris, Montgomery, Fort Bend, Brazoria and Galveston Counties. Call us Today at 713-568-2762  for a complimentary initial consultation to discuss how Texas Bankruptcy can help you stop the harassing calls and guide you to debt relief.


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